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LEED v4 low VOC - Emissions requirements

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General VOC emissions criteria

  • VOC emissions after 14 days shall comply with the limits as specified in the 2010 version of CDPH Standard Method "Section 01350".
  • As CDPH Section 01350 does not include any TVOC limit value, many VOCs are not covered by that assessment method. Therefore, if LEED compliance is claimed based on CDPH Section 01350, then TVOC emissions after 14 days shall be communicated in 3 ranges:
    • 0 - 0.5 mg/m³
    • 0.5 - 5 mg/m³
    • 5 mg/m³ and more.
    • The CDPH definition of TVOC applies, event though this is different from the TVOC definition in the rest of the world.
    • But there is no pass / fail criterion based on the TVOC value.

Alternative compliance path

  • For LEED projects outside North America, an alternative way of showing LEED compliance conformity with the specifications of the 2010 version of German AgBB rating, together with ISO 16000-11 for handling samples of products that have not been mentioned explicitly in AgBB documents
    • It is important to understand that, besides AgBB compliance, the product also has to comply with a very low formaldehyde emissions limit. 10 µg/m³ is the limit value to be respected for formaldehyde after 28 days, which is lower than in AgBB.
    • Please note: Unfortunatey this regulation of formaldehyde emissions is not in the credit language itself, but in the Reference Guide (which also is compulsory). But this fact can also be read from the list of compliant rating systems can be seen on the US GBC website.

Furniture VOC emissions criteria

Inherently nonemitting sources

  • No testing is needed for products that are assumed to be inherently nonemitting and therefore comply with the above VOC emissions requirements, such as
    • stone, ceramic, powder-coated metals, metal, glass, concrete, clay brick, and unfinished or untreated solidwood flooring;
    • these are considered fully compliant without any VOC emissions testing if they do not include integral organic-based surface coatings, binders, or sealants.

Composite Wood criteria

  • Composite wood shall have formaldehyde emissions complying with CARB specifications for Ultra‐Low‐Emitting Formaldehyde (ULEF) resins or No‐Added Formaldehyde (NAF) based resins.

Between one and three points can be earned if the specifications on low VOC are fulfilled partly or completely. For details please see the credit documents

US GBC operates a list of common low VOC rating systems that allow showing product compliance. Some of them are directly compliant, such as the Indoor Air Comfort GOLD program; other ones are compliant only if the test report shows low formaldehyde emissions of max. 10 µg/m³ after 28 days the reference room, in line with the French A+ class. The French A+ class alone is sufficient only for Composite Wood products, not in general. The list of compliant rating systems can be seen on the US GBC website.

Further Information

Further information regarding LEED:

Eurofins VOC related services

Eurofins offers documentation of compliance with the specifications on emissions of VOC and aldehydes by independent and ISO 17025 accredited testing, and if relevant also with external surveillance (inspections, re-testing), and certification, e.g. in combination with the Eurofins operated certification programme Indoor Air Comfort - certified products.

Eurofins operates both an accredited and notified test house and an approved ÜZ certification body. VOC emissions testing for any program or regulation can be easily combined with tests for other regulations or labels such as Belgian VOC regulationFrench VOC regulationsGerman VOC regulationsEMICODE, German Blue Angel, Finnish M1 and US tests. Such combinations allow to save money compared with separate testing for each of these purposes. One example is the Eurofins Pan-European test package.

Certification and testing services for Ü markCE mark and the Eurofins certification program Indoor Air Comfort - certified products can be ordered in parallel for use on different market segments - there will be significant costs saving when compared to ordering these services separately.

Contact to VOC Testing Laboratories

Please see here contact information of Eurofins VOC testing laboratories in Europe, China and Japan: