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Eurofins Product Testing - Fit for Food

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Your competitive benefits using Eurofins' reassuring quality label

Our brand-new 'Fit for Food'-label is an easy way of reassuring business partners in the food industries supply chain and consumers alike of the compliance and suitability of food packaging materials  'at first glance'. Moreover, the label transports the all-out positive message that the tested article is suitable for food contact and safe for human health.

How to obtain the 'Fit for food' label in a few

easy steps


  1. Contract:
    In an initial meeting we discuss the possible use of the label, estimate the resulting costs, address rights and duties of each involved party, and initiate the project.

  2. Document Review
    We use your list of all raw materials used and their suppliers to obtain current data sheets for food contact. Based on this, we generate a comprehensive test plan covering chemical requirements, typical scandal parameters (mineral oils, phthalates, etc.).

  3. Analysis
    Your samples are analysed by accredited Eurofins labs for all relevant parameters that have been determined before. In parallel, we need to make sure your production facility is set up to deliver continuous quality suitable for food contact. This is proven by an existing certification according to BRC, ISO 22000, or IFS-Broker.

  4. The Label
    When all analyses and tests are finished, the complete set of test results, certifications, and supporting documents will be reviewed. With all tests passed, we issue the ‘Fit for Food’-Label for a period of 1 year.

  5. Second Year
    In order to ascertain a continuous quality of the labelled article product specific follow-up analyses.


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