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SINTEF product certification and documentation

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SINTEF is a large semi-official, but independent and non-commercial, research organization in Norway. SINTEF delivers compliance documentation for products both produced in Norway, and imported to Norway:

  • Technical Approvals
    • for building/construction products, components and construction systems
    • verifying that a building/construction product or construction design is suitable for use in Norway
  • Product Certificates
    • indicating that the product is in accordance with a standard or other technical specification
  • European Technical Approvals (ETAs) for specific building/construction products
    • in order to provide a basis for CE marking of a product if there is no harmonized European product standard (EN standard) available as basis of CE marking.

list of certified/approved products is available in Web, as well as the requirements per product group.


Background is the Norwegian Technical Regulation of The Planning and Building Act (TEK). It requires us of CE marked of EOTA approved products, but it also stipulates that a CE-marked product does not necessarily satisfy the applicable requirements in a specific building project - especially not under the specific Norwegian climate loads, structural loadings and building techniques. The regulation promotes requirements over and above those necessary for CE marking for some products. A SINTEF Technical Approval is a confirmation that these additional requirements are fulfilled for a specific building product.

VOC emissions

Regarding emissions into air, the requirements of SINTEF approvals and certification refer to

  • EN 15215, likewise BREEAM Norway
  • The new VOC emissions test method developed by CEN/TC 351, prEN 16516
  • Recognition of established labels:
    Products that comply with Finnish M1, Danish DICL or with the EMICODE EC1 or EC1PLUS label are assumed to be low-emitting. On top of showing the license to use one of these labels, SINTEF requires to see the underlying test reports. Under this condition, also AgBB and Blue Angel test reports can be sufficient documentation.
  • Test reports are accepted from ISO 17025 accredited test labs. Eurofins Product Testing A/S is expressively mentioned on an example list of accredited laboratories.

Eurofins VOC related services

Eurofins offers documentation of compliance with the specifications on emissions of VOC and aldehydes by independent and ISO 17025 accredited testing, and if relevant also with external surveillance (inspections, re-testing), and certification, e.g. in combination with the Eurofins operated certification programme Indoor Air Comfort - certified products.

Eurofins operates both an accredited and notified test house and an approved ÜZ certification body. VOC emissions testing for any program or regulation can be easily combined with tests for other regulations or labels such as Belgian VOC regulationFrench VOC regulationsGerman VOC regulationsEMICODE, German Blue Angel, Finnish M1 and US tests. Such combinations allow to save money compared with separate testing for each of these purposes. One example is the Eurofins Pan-European test package.

Certification and testing services for Ü markCE mark and the Eurofins certification program Indoor Air Comfort - certified products can be ordered in parallel for use on different market segments - there will be significant costs saving when compared to ordering these services separately.

Contact to VOC Testing Laboratories

Please see here contact information of Eurofins VOC testing laboratories in Europe, China and Japan: