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M1 and M2 limit values

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These are the limit values to be respected for showing compliance with the M1 or M2 classes in Finland, all after 28 days ventilated storage:

Concerned products: All All Alternative for small and
very small surfaces *
   µg/m²h µg/m²h   µg/m³
  M2 M1 M1
TVOC  400  200  20
Formaldehyde 125  50  10
Ammonia  60  30  10
C1A and C1B carcinogens **  5  5  1
Odour: Not odorous, scale:  0,0  0,0  0,0
* Doors, windows, grout, sealants, ...      
 ** Does not apply to formaldehyde      

While the general limit values are given as emission rate (per hour and m² surface), the right-hand column for small and very small surfaces contains limits expressed as air concentrations in the reference rooms, as specified by CEN/TS 16516.

TVOC definitions and loading are mostly identical with those in CEN/TS 16516.

In addition to the above, a number of products shall not contain casein: Plasters, tiling products, leveling agents, putty, mastics, fillers, screeds and renders.

Emission class M3 is for materials with higher emissions than M2. But the M3 class is not really in use by manufacturers.