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Green Label Plus by CRI

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Carpet and Rug Institute CRI is operating a certification system for low VOC emission carpets, for carpet cushion (acoustic or thermal insulation underlays, see also at and for low VOC emission adhesivesGreen Label Plus GLP.

Emissions Criteria, fees and more documents are available from CRI website.

Historically, Green Label Plus certification by CRI has been one way of compliance with LEED 2009 Indoor Environmental Credit 4.3. But besides that, testing by any ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory, such as Eurofins, is sufficient (and cheaper) for the purpose of LEED 2009 compliance - as long as the product and testing requirements of any of the options within LEED 2009 Indoor Environmental Credit 4.3 are met. It was clearly stated by US Green Building Council that CRI GLP certification must NOT be regarded as the only way of showing compliance with LEED EQ credit 4.3 for carpets.

The present version of LEED, LEED v4, no longer promotes or even mentions the CRI Green Label Plus certification in any way. And outside North America LEED even accepts alternative pathways of compliance, such as AgBB, GUT, Indoor Air Comfort, Blue Angel, or for adhesives also the EMICODE. This allows to use existing test data from these programs to show LEED compliance without any need to send samples to CRI in the US for testing and certification.

Please click here for the test method. Unfortunately it is not easy to be identifed in the web. CRI Green Label Plus certification is not very transparent with its documents and procedures regarding VOC emissions.

A comparison between limit values of AgBB, GUT, Blue Angel and CDPH Section 01350 was made available by GUT both in English and in German. It clearly shows that requirements of CRI are much weaker than European requirements.

Eurofins services

Eurofins offers documentation of compliance with the alternative specifications on emissions of VOC and aldehydes as outlined above by independent testing, with broad acceptance for LEED purposes, but not as official partner of CRI.

Eurofins is not among the CRI approved test houses.

Contact to VOC Testing Laboratories

Please see here contact information of Eurofins VOC testing laboratories in Europe, China and Japan: