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The EMICODE® is a label to show low VOC emissions into indoor air from adhesives, sealants, parquet varnishes and other construction products. The EMICODE is administered by GEV. Achievable classes are:

  • EMICODE® EC 1 PLUS - very low emissions PLUS
  • EMICODE® EC 1 - very low emissions
  • EMICODE® EC 2 - low emissions
  • Always to be supplemented by the letter "R", if regulatory requirements exist for safe handling and installing of the product, such as 2-component products and other reactive products.

Market share and more information

In Germany, EMICODE EC 1 and EMICODE EC1PLUS labeled flooring adhesives cover some 80-90% market share of all flooring installation adhesives. Also in several other countries the EMICODE EC 1 is regarded as a label for low VOC emissions with high reputation. EMICODE EC1 and/or EMICODE EC1PLUS are regarded as proof of compliance with the credits for low-emitting products of LEED, BREEAM, and DGNB.

Criteria and limit values

The EMICODE criteria and limit values are the same for all product groups, except parquet varnishes where slightly different limit values apply. Below listed products can be labeled with an EMICODE®:

  • Adhesives for flooring installation, solvent-free
  • Screeds, solvent-free
  • Related primers, solvent-free
  • Underlays
  • Joint sealants, solvent-free
  • Sealings, foam, foils and tapes
  • Parquet varnishes, water-based and low VOC
  • and some more construction products

Limit values refer to testing in a VOC emission chamber after 3 days and after 28 days, simulating the European Reference Room (12 m² surface, 2.5 m high, 1/2 air change per hour, 23°C, 50% relative humidity in supply air) as in TS / EN 16516.

Solvent content and other specifications

Any EMICODE labeled product must contain less than 0.5% m/m solvents, where solvent is defined as VOC with boiling point of max. 200 °C.

The only exception is for parquet coatings which may contain up to 5% m/m VOC (VOC as defined in EU Decopaint Directive) for EMICODE EC1PLUS or 8% m/m VOC for EMICODE EC1 labeled products.

There are also other limitations on content. For details, please see the general classification criteria, and the classification criteria for parquet coatings.

You can see at the EMICODE homepage:

  • Relevant GEV documents (specifications, testing method)
  • List of members of GEV
  • Testing labs

There are no license fees per product, but the holder of a license has to be member of GEV. The annual membership fee depends on the number of licenses (typically some thousands EUR).

Comparison with Blue Angel, AgBB and Section 01350

A comparison between EMICODE - Blue Angel - AgBB/DIBt - CDPH Section 01350 (2010) is available in English and in German.

Important to note

Please note that you have to fulfill also other requirements than low VOC emissions for using the EMICODE, such as avoidance of certain chemicals and low solvent content. And several products will need to be labeled with the suffix ECx R to indicate that regulations for workers protection will apply. You cannot read these from a VOC test report. For details please see the GEV classification criteria.

With each testing request we kindly ask you to submit the GEV product category from the "product matrix". Then we can apply the test that is appropriate for your products.

Eurofins VOC related services

Eurofins offers documentation of compliance with the specifications on emissions of VOC and aldehydes by independent and ISO 17025 accredited testing, and if relevant also with external surveillance (inspections, re-testing), and certification, e.g. in combination with the Eurofins operated certification programme Indoor Air Comfort - certified products.

Eurofins operates both an accredited and notified test house and an approved ÜZ certification body. VOC emissions testing for any program or regulation can be easily combined with tests for other regulations or labels such as Belgian VOC regulationFrench VOC regulationsGerman VOC regulationsEMICODE, German Blue Angel, Finnish M1 and US tests. Such combinations allow to save money compared with separate testing for each of these purposes. One example is the Eurofins Pan-European test package.

Certification and testing services for Ü markCE mark and the Eurofins certification program Indoor Air Comfort - certified products can be ordered in parallel for use on different market segments - there will be significant costs saving when compared to ordering these services separately.

Contact to VOC Testing Laboratories

Please see here contact information of Eurofins VOC testing laboratories in Europe, China and Japan: