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Cradle to Cradle

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The ambition of the Cradle to Cradle® design concept is to improve the quality of products so that they

  • Have an improved consumer quality for the user.
  • Pose no health risk for anyone who comes into contact with them,
  • Are of both economic and ecological benefit.

Cradle to Cradle® design concept follows a unique approach:

"The Cradle to Cradle® method of production is in direct contrast to the "Cradle to Grave" model in which material flows are formed without any conscious consideration of protecting resources. Rather than attempt to reduce the linear material flows and present-day methods of production, the Cradle to Cradle® design concept envisages their redesign into circular nutrient cycles in which value, once created, remains of worth to both man and nature."

One element of this approach is requiring low VOC emissions, tested after 7 days in a ventilated test chamber, following the methodology of ASTM D5116 / D6690 with CDPH SM 1.1ANSI/BIFMA 7.1, or equivalent European testing standards. Products that show conformity with LEED v4 VOC emissions requirements will qualify without further testing. Limits are set for TVOC, formaldehyde, and individual VOCs.

You can find more information on US based and Europe based webpages regarding Cradle to Cradle, and in the criteria document. There is also a guidance document with an interpretation of the wording in the standard, and a list of all relevant documents.

Eurofins services

Eurofins offers documentation of compliance with VOC and aldehydes specifications of Cradle-to-Cradle by independent testing. Eurofins Product Testing laboratories in Denmark and in China are ISO 17025 accredited for VOC emissions testing and thereby qualified to perform such tests for Cradle-to-Cradle.

Contact to VOC Testing Laboratories

Please see here contact information of Eurofins VOC testing laboratories in Europe, China and Japan: