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CARB formaldehyde ACTM regulation for wood-based panels

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CARB formaldehyde regulation

California Air Resources Board (CARB) released a regulation on formaldehyde emissions from wood-based panels and from composite wood products, the Airborne Toxic Control Measure ATCM 93120 for:

  • Hardwood Plywood (Veneer or Composite core)
  • Particleboard
  • Medium Density Fiberboard

Both composite wood panels and down-stream products containing such panels are involved, such as wooden flooring, furniture and more. Certification goes for the manufacturing process and the products.

This regulation served as model for a draft regulation for the whole USA which is not yet in force.

The regulation is complex, therefore here is a number of valuable links to more information:

Less stringent requirements are valid for manufacturers of

CARB approved Third-Party Certifiers TPC are certifying the mills producing composite wood panels. There is a list of certified mills, and a list of TPC presently approved.

The certification process includes formaldehyde emission testing in large-scale test chambers (ASTM E1333) or in mid-scale test chambers (ASTM D6007) that are calibrated against an approved large-scale test chamber. Testing is performed at 25 °C which is in contrast to emissions testing in most other parts of the world (where 23 °C is the temperature at test). That is the reason why Eurofins does not offer these tests, at present our test chambers are running at 23 °C only. Eurofins recommends using the CARB approved Third-Party Certifier Scientific Certification Systems SCS, California.

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