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Draft Swedish Regulation on VOC emissions

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The Swedish Chemical Agency, Kemikalieinspektionen, had received the task to investigate a Swedish regulation limiting the VOC emissions from construction products. A report was published in 2015.

It proposes a regulation specifying that all products used at interior floors, walls and ceilings shall comply with a list of limit values when tested after 28 days storage in a ventilated test chamber.

Both the limit values and the documentation duties are very much in line with the existing Belgian regulation, but with some exceptions:

  • The proposed Swedish regulation covers all interior floors, walls and ceilings, while the Belgian regulation today is applied to flooring products only (the application to walls and ceilings still is under preparation).
  • The proposed Swedish regulation does not contain limits for sum parameteres, such as TVOC, TSVOC and R value.
  • The proposed Swedish regulation does not contain limits for formaldehyde and acetaldehyde, and it does not include an especially low limit for toluene, other than the Belgian regulation.

If the regulation is adapted by the Swedish government, then it could be in force from early 2018 on.

The proposed regulation could harmonize with the plans to include a declaration of performance regarding VOC emissions into the regulations on CE marking. Compliance with the proposed regulation could also be shown with an Indoor Air Comfort or an Indoor Air Comfort GOLD certificate which combines the regulations in all EU Member States into one documentation and one certification program.

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Eurofins offers documentation of compliance with the specifications on emissions of VOC and aldehydes by independent and ISO 17025 accredited testing, and if relevant also with external surveillance (inspections, re-testing), and certification, e.g. in combination with the Eurofins operated certification programme Indoor Air Comfort - certified products.

Eurofins operates both an accredited and notified test house and an approved ÜZ certification body. VOC emissions testing for any program or regulation can be easily combined with tests for other regulations or labels such as Belgian VOC regulationFrench VOC regulationsGerman VOC regulationsEMICODE, German Blue Angel, Finnish M1 and US tests. Such combinations allow to save money compared with separate testing for each of these purposes. One example is the Eurofins Pan-European test package.

Certification and testing services for Ü markCE mark and the Eurofins certification program Indoor Air Comfort - certified products can be ordered in parallel for use on different market segments - there will be significant costs saving when compared to ordering these services separately.

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