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Eurofins Notified Bodies under Construction Products Regulation

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Notified bodies

Notified bodies are testing laboratories and/or certification agencies for approving the assignment of CE marking.

A notified body is accredited in its proper EU member state and then notified to a European list of notified bodies ("NANDO"). Notified bodies are obliged to participate in working groups to exchange experience, and in round-robin tests if laboratory testing is involved.

At present, these laboratories within Eurofins Group are operating notified bodies of some construction products under Construction Products Regulation (EU 2011/305). For more details, please see our notifications at NANDO database:


The Eurofins laboratories and notified bodies can help to find your way through conformity declaration, certification and CE marking, and support with related testing.

Important note:

A manufacturer can select a notified body freely and is not restricted to notified bodies in his own country.

List of products

Here some of the products for which Eurofins provides notified body services:

  • Interior products (EN 16516 testing) of e.g.
    • Floor coverings (EN 14041, EN 14342)
    • Thermal insulation
    • and many more products
  • Road traffic noise reducing devices (noise barrier)
    EN 14388  

  • Windows and external pedestrian doorsets
    EN 14351-1

  • Curtain walling
    EN 13830

  • Industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates
    EN 13241-1  

  • Handles and knobs
    EN 1906

  • External blinds and shutters
    EN 1932

  • Fixed, vertical road traffic signs, EN 12899-1


Interior products:

Please see here contact information of Eurofins VOC testing laboratories in Europe, China and Japan: This includes a notified testing laboratory for TS/EN 16516.

Noise reduction products, doors, walls, blinds, shutters, and more:

Eurofins Product Testing Italy srl - Modulo Uno, Via Cuorgnè, 21 - 10156 Torino - Italy +39 011 22 22 225

General contact:

Please send an email to