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Chemical testing

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According to DIRECTIVE 2009/48/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT on the safety of toys mechanical, physical, flammability, and chemical tests have to be performed before declaring a toy to be in conformity with EU toy regulations. Eurofins laboratories offer all chemical analyses of toys according to DIN EN 71 part 3 and 9.

Tests according to... Laboratory
Migration of certain elements (heavy metals)

EN 71 - Part 3
(EN 71-3:2013 19 elements including CrVI and Organic-Tin)
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Organic chemical tests 

EN 71 - Part 9

To determine which tests apply for your toy please consider limit tables as defined in EN 71 - Part 9 / 4.1.1

  • 2A - Flame retardants
  • 2B - Colorants
  • 2C - Primary aromatic amines
  • 2E - Solvents migration
  • 2F - Solvents inhalation
  • 2G (a) - Wood preservatives indoor
  • 2G (b) - Wood preservatives outdoor
  • 2H - Preservatives
  • 2I - Plasticizers
Eurofins Hamburg
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China GB 6675 National safety technical code for toys, Toxic elements migration Eurofins Des Moines 
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