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IFS compliance strategy for food packaging requirements according to IFS 5

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Eurofins Product Testing experts helps food producers to fulfill requirements of IFS 5 regarding food packaging materials.

Food producers who would like to supply the big retailers in Europe can't get around the International Food Standard. In 2008 requirements for food packaging and food contact materials have been implemented for the very first time. According to this version 5 of the IFS standard food producers have to ensure that:

  • Specifications for all food packaging materials are available
  • Declarations of compliance are available for all kind of food packaging materials
  • Current test reports for all food packaging materials are on hold
  • Interactions between food packaging materials and the packaging have been evaluated especially with regards to chemical contamination like migration, taste and odour

Eurofins Product Testing helps food producers to fulfil their obligations according to the requirements of IFS 5 for food packaging materials. Especially the concept of risk assessment allows us to help you in:

  • Identifying Food Packaging Materials which may pose a high risk of migration to food
  • Understanding which types of food are more susceptible to contamination by food packaging materials than others
  • Checking available documentations for all food packaging materials regarding completeness and legal requirements
  • Compilation of test plans to minimize risk of migration of contaminants from food packaging to your products