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Eurofins Product Testing A/S, Denmark

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Eurofins Product Testing A/S is the Danish laboratory 
within the product testing business line of the Eurofins Group.

Eurofins Product Testing A/S
Smedeskovvej 38
8464 Galten, Denmark

Phone +45 7022 4276
Fax     +45 7022 4275
VAT DK 2651 1437
CVR 26511437 (Trade register)

We provide some email boxes where the first available agent will take and serve your request:

Website: with information in Danish undefined

More information:


Eurofins Product Testing A/S is accredited by the Danish national accreditation body DANAK which forms part of the international networks of accreditation bodies, ILAC and IAF, likewise AFNOR, BS, DIN and other national accreditation bodies.

Any accreditation of any national accreditation body within these networks is recognized by any other national accreditation body. See also:

Therefore any Danish accreditation is valid across the world, including France, Italy, and many more countries. Details of the accreditation of Eurofins Product Testing A/S and the included testing methods can be seen with these two links:

Eurofins Product Testing A/S also was notified to the EU Commission as notified testing lab for CEN/TS 16516 - the harmonized European standard for testing VOC emissions of construction products that converts into EN 16516 in 2017.

Main services issued to international clients: