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IT .NET Web Development Architect

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With over 30,000 staff in more than 400 laboratories across 41 countries, Eurofins Scientific is the world leader in food and biopharma product testing. It is also number one in the world in the field of environmental laboratory services and one of the global market leaders in agroscience, genomics, pharma discovery services and central laboratory services.

IT .NET Web Development Architect

Overall objectives:

Eurofins is currently accelerating the deployment of standard processes across its Laboratories, building upon the OneIT 2010 programme outcomes and continued works. A key aspect of this initiative is the alignment of Eurofins Group sponsored applications like EOL (Eurofins On Line) with best of breed processes and a centralized set of key concepts and practices. Moreover, in the face of Eurofins’ impressive growth, the same applications must secure significant improvements to continue to provide the expected level of service at a much larger scale than before.

EOL is part of an eCommerce customer facing web site interfaced with other Eurofins applications that allows Eurofins to provide online services to select customers.

The key technologies currently being deployed for eCommerce development are Visual Studio 2015, .NET 4.5, C#, MS SQL Server 2014, Angularjs, KendoUI, ApacheMQ, SSIS and SSRS.

Nonetheless, EOL has gone through several rewrites and effort is constantly done to decommission legacy frameworks and code in order to integrate up-to-date framework/technologies.

To face the challenges posed by the building of enterprise scale applications with ever higher availability, traffic and security requirements, Eurofins is using .Net to its portfolio of technologies, and starting a deliberate architectural move towards governed services – SOA - as the backbone of its critical applications portfolio. This position is meant to grow the capabilities of the eCommerce Architecture Team in those areas.

The main objectives of this position are, in full cooperation with the other members of the Architecture Team, to:

  • Help the eCommerce Team to accelerate the delivery of select EOL new functional and non-functional requirements by:
  • Mapping EOL and the applications it interacts with onto a target Managed Services portfolio;
  • Elaborating key architectural options involving .Net, building the required information to support rational decisions from the management and the business;
  • Assisting the team in the implementation of the selected options;
  • Contribute to innovation by:
  • Defining a strategy to decommission legacy code and older frameworks
  • Propose innovation and build proof of concepts to keep EOL as state in the art
  • Contribute to the development and institutionalization of the Architecture practice in eCommerce;
  • Help the larger EOL Team to make the link between highest level concepts and actionable requirements;
  • Support EOL development team located in India to apply architecture guidelines in their daily work.

The candidate is expected to play a very strong technical role on a wide spectrum of subjects, including projects focused at the incremental improvement of existing solutions all the way through to brand new technologies exploration, to act as a trusted advisor to management, and to develop excellent working relationships with all senior employees of eCommerce, and beyond.


Specific assignments:

  • Apply enterprise scale applications building best practices to the analysis of strengths and weaknesses of select areas of the current solutions portfolio,
  • Deliver high quality architecture options by oneself and through collaboration with the team (including design, documentation, prototypes, validation),
  • Present the management with clear options, complete with all information and advice needed to make appropriate decisions,
  • Develop and institutionalize the Architecture practice in eCommerce,
  • Help the larger EOL Team to make the link between highest level concepts and actionable requirements,
  • Work closely with Enterprise Architecture Office to integrate design recommendations
  • Assist the eCommerce Team in implementing the selected options, promote high quality engineering of the target solutions, embrace and promote Agile practices.


Other assignments:

  • Ensure follow-up to his Manager on a regular basis and as often as requested.
  • Acquire rapidly a working knowledge of EOL. Deepen that knowledge on a continuous basis, guided by the most pressing needs of assigned projects.
  • Develop appropriate working relationships with IT and non-IT target groups in Eurofins. Actively support reuse and sharing within the wider IT community.


Performance appraisal criteria:

  • Timely delivery of expected work products.
  • Quality of the design, documentation and other work products of direct and indirect contributions.
  • Enablement of quality Architecture decisions by the management.
  • Development of the team capabilities in the architectural and solutions development spaces.


Required profile:

Personal skills:

  • Strong personal leadership in technical settings.
  • Very good communication and interpersonal relation skills in an international environment.
  • At ease with distant communications leveraging a wide array of technologies (shared code, documents and forums, phone, chat, e-mail).


Initial Education Background:

Engineering Degree or equivalent in IT. Software Development curriculum is required.


Language skills and level expected:

  • English (fluent) required.
  • French appreciated but not mandatory.


Type and duration of previous experience:

  • Advanced experience in Software Engineering (5 years or more).
  • Advanced experience in leading Software Engineering teams or in Software Architecture or in Systems Integration (2 years or more).
  • Participation as Software Engineer or Architect in a successful, significant scale project leveraging .Net.
  • Prior experience within Internet field (e-commerce / B2B / B2C)


Technical knowledge:

  • Backend Technologies (WebAPI, REST, EF6, Unity, SignalR, OData etc) and best practices (security, performance, Browser compatibility, testability...) and, in particular, ASP.NET and MVC
  • Frontend Technologies (HTML, css, less, javascript, Angular or similar, gulp, nodejs, npm, jasmine, etc)
  • Some other software frameworks, in particular, .Net
  • User Interface Design
  • Continuous integration tooling (Jenkins)
  • Strong background in Software Engineering and Software Architecture is required.
  • Expertise in .Net and SOA literacy are required.
  • Security : SSO, OAuth, OpenId (IdentityServer, Forgerock)
  • Working knowledge of XML, web services and at least one respected brand of .Net Application Server is required.
  • Strong background in Object-Oriented design, programming, and frameworks (experience in the use of frameworks is required, frameworks development is a plus). Confirmed experience using Design Patterns and Best Coding Practices.
  • UML knowledge required.
  • Experience with ESBs is and their integration with Application Servers is a significant plus.
  • Experience with SQL databases programming and especially MS SQL Server 2014 is a plus.
  • Experience with NoSQL databases programing is a plus
  • Experience with Redis is a plus
  • DevOps experience is a plus.
  • Prior experience in industrial settings, and especially with Laboratory processes, is a plus.

This position is based in Paris downtown (75009).