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Blue Angel German ecolabel

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The Blue Angel offers manufacturers and traders the opportunity to show the environmental advantage of their products. Blue Angel is the oldest ecolabel in the world, and it covers some 10.000 products in some 80 product categories. Blue Angel attempts to promote the "better" products - meaning those products, that show better environmental properties than the mainstream products are doing. Geographically the Blue Angel covers German market, but it is also recognised more and more outside Germany.

Use of Blue Angel requires an application to RAL along with the necessary documentation, and payment of an annual fee, the height of which depends on actual sales volume. Eurofins is offering testing for Blue Angel, and support with application for the license to use that label. Similar services are offered with respect to several other ecolabels around the world.

There are several Blue Angel criteria.

Textiles and shoes

  • RAL UZ 154 - Textiles

  • RAL UZ 155 - Shoes

Interior finishing products and furniture

There are a number of Blue Angel criteria for products with low emissions into indoor air and thus potential impact on human health:

  • RAL UZ 38   - furniture and slatted frames
  • RAL UZ 102 - Wall paints
  • RAL UZ 113 - Flooring adhesives
  • RAL UZ 117 - Upholstered furniture
  • RAL UZ 119 - Mattresses
  • RAL UZ 120 - Resilient (flexible) floor coverings, such as linoleum and rubber
  • RAL UZ 123 - Sealants
  • RAL UZ 128 - Textile flooring
  • RAL UZ 132 - Insulation material and ceiling plates
  • RAL UZ 148 - Upholstery leather
  • RAL UZ 156 - Flooring insulation underlays
  • RAL UZ 159 - Textile toys
  • RAL UZ 176 - Wooden floorings, boards and doors
  • RAL UZ 198 - Low-Emission Internal Plasters

Eurofins is approved as a testing laboratory by Blue Angel  for all the above mentioned labels. While most of these specifications are well adopted and used by a number of industries, some other industries prefer working with well established alternative labels, for which Eurofins offers the same services. This holds true namely for the carpet industry and its GUT label, and for the adhesives and sealant industry and its EMICODE label. A comparison showed the equivalency of EMICODE - Blue Angel - AgBB/DIBt - CDPH Section 01350 (2010) is available in English and in German. Nevertheless, Blue Angel can be a major tool in showing ecological advantages for marketing purposes.

Contact to VOC Testing Laboratories

Please see here contact information of Eurofins VOC testing laboratories in Europe, China and Japan:

Wireless and radio devices used by or for children, and electronic devices

Especially wireless and radio devices used by or for children - baby monitors, toys, mobile phones and the like - are in the focus of parents regarding their radio emissions. Eurofins is accredited according to DIN VDE 0848-1, prEN 50413 by DaTech. With this accreditation according to the European generic standard for human exposure of electromagnetic fields (0 Hz - 300 GHz), Eurofins offers a full application service for the "Blue Angel" for baby monitors (RAL UZ 125).

There are a number of Blue Angel criteria for electronic products with low potential impact on human health:

  • RAL UZ 78   - Computers and monitors
  • RAL UZ 106 - Portable phones
  • RAL UZ 125 - Baby phones
  • RAL UZ 131 - Wireless / cordless digital phones
  • RAL UZ 171 - Printers, multi-functional appliances

Eurofins services

Eurofins offers documentation of compliance with most of the above specifications by independent testing, and support with application for the license to use that label. Similar services are offered with respect to several other ecolabels around the world.

For further information please contact our national organisations or our specialists for making use of the experience of Eurofins Product Testing A/S, the world market leader for VOC emissions chamber testing, and Eurofins Product Service GmbH, a leading test laboratory for electrical and radio testing.