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Pharma Newsletters >> Eurofins Pharma Services Newsletter 13 - March 2016 >> TEM-PCR

Detecting more pathogens for more patients, through Target Enriched Multiplex Polymerase Chain Reaction (TEM-PCR™)

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Jenni Miller, Director of Marketing, Viracor-IBT Laboratories,

Eurofins expanded its footprint in specialty clinical diagnostics with the acquisition of Diatherix Laboratories, Inc., a highly-specialised laboratory based in Huntsville, Alabama (USA), that provides cutting-edge molecular diagnostic testing services to hospitals and physicians using its proprietary TEM-PCR™ technology. TEM-PCR is a unique, multiplex amplification platform that delivers increased sensitivity and specificity and simultaneously identifies bacteria, viruses, parasites, Candida and antibiotic resistance genes from a single sample, with one day results (typically within eight hours of specimen receipt).

Given Diatherix’s synergies with Viracor-IBT Laboratories— another member of the Eurofins Scientific Group known for its expertise in infectious disease testing with fast turnaround time—the companies have partnered to be able to provide testing services utilising TEM-PCR technology to even more hospitals and patients.

Viracor-IBT recently launched its first panel utilising TEM-PCR technology: the Respiratory Pathogen Panel (RPP) TEM-PCR, which gives hospitals the ability to detect 26 common and important bacterial and viral pathogens from one specimen in one day, to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. RPP TEM-PCR also allows physicians to detect co-infections, withhold antibiotics in patients with viral detection, administer appropriate antibiotic and/or antiviral therapy and incorporate evidence-based medicine to enhance the quality and cost effectiveness of patient care.

Current TEM-PCR panels available through Diatherix include multiple types of respiratory panels (such as Upper Respiratory, Pediatric Respiratory and Atypical Pneumonia, to name a few), as well as Gastrointestinal, Urogenital and General Infection panels. Both companies will continue to offer more TEM-PCR testing panels and options in 2016 to help physicians and patients get accurate results faster, when it matters most.

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