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Eurofins Acquires IDmyk

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Eurofins Scientific (EUFI.PA), the global leader in bio-analytical testing, announces the acquisition of IDmyk, a leading laboratory specialized in the areas of detection, identification and molecular typing of microorganisms for the pharmaceutical industry. The acquisition reinforces Eurofins' pharmaceutical quality control (QC) offering, and complements its existing capabilities in microbiological analysis.

Since 2000, IDmyk has developed market-leading expertise in establishing the genetic identity of microorganisms to support product or process-related investigations. As such, IDmyk has the largest validated proprietary database for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) identification service in the industry. These, combined with Eurofins' existing identification capabilities, strengthen the Group's pharmaceutical QC service offering. Furthermore, rolling-out the methods to the relevant laboratories across the Group network will allow Eurofins to benefit from reduced costs given the use of proprietary reagents in the processes. 

IDmyk, based in Lyon, France, with revenues of less than EUR 2m currently, will benefit from Eurofins' focus on innovation, with substantial resources for research and development. For example, as one of the global leaders in genomics services, Eurofins has considerable expertise in the area of next-generation sequencing, which may be used for faster, more precise identification of organisms at the strain level. In addition, IDmyk will have access to Eurofins' wide portfolio of products and services, as well as access to the Group's clients.