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In vivo models for preclinical testing of promising respiratory therapeutics

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Respiratory diseases affect the upper respiratory tract and can result in difficulty breathing, decreased lung capacity, asthma, emphysema and a host of other conditions. Left untreated, respiratory diseases can result in chronic breathing issues and become potentially life threatening.

Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services recognizes the need for effective and relevant in vivo models for respiratory conditions. In order to help you bring the next potential respiratory treatment to clinical trials, we offer a number of relevant qualified models to help you understand you candidate's effectiveness.

With more than 30 years of experience, the experts at Eurofins can provide you the data to give you confidence to take the next step in your project.

Advantages of preclinical respiratory studies with Eurofins:

  • Therapeutically relevant models, including:
    • Allergic reaction and antagonism of pro-inflammatory mediators
    • Pulmonary inflammation and fibrosis
    • Antitussive / cough suppression
    • Bacterial pneumonia
    • LPS induced neutrophilia
  • Multi-faceted outcome studies
    • Cytokine biomarker detection in plasma or bronchoalveolar lavage fluid (BALF) with the ImmunoSignal™ Service from Eurofins
    • Blood gases and respiration rate, tidal volume
    • Minute volume employing whole body plethysmography
    • Detailed analysis of respiratory mechanics
  • Models are qualified in a dose-dependent manner with approved benchmark positive controls
  • Experienced running combination studies
  • Companion services can monitor blood or organ exposure and biomarker analysis for PK/PD assessment