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Xenograft and Syngeneic and In vivo tumor models

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With over 30 years in the industry Eurofins Pharma Discovery Services has refined their skills to excel at providing syngeneic and human tumor xenograft models.  Our experience is unparalleled in providing in vivo models of efficacy in murine or human hematologic or carcinoma malignancies.

Our oncology services also feature custom model development for clients' target-specific cell lines as orthotopic, disseminated/metastatic or subcutaneous xenografts, using any of the 300 cell lines from our cell based phenotypic assays found in our OncoPanel™ Cell-Based Profiling Service.  The ability of Eurofins to establish custom xenograft models from patient-derived tissue is a testament to our skills and experience in oncology services.

Trusting Eurofins with your preclinical oncology studies helps you understand your candidates' efficacy, so you can be confident entering clinical development.

Advantages of Oncology Studies with Eurofins:

  • Over 30 off-the-shelf models available including:
    • Xenograft models
    • Syngeneic models
  • Tissues covered
    • Brain, breast, colon, kidney, lung, blood, pancreas, prostate, skin
  • Experienced running combination studies
  • Highly customizable capabilities
    • Model development available for target-specific cell lines
    • Patient-derived tumor xenografts
  • Companion services can monitor plasma, tissue or tumor exposure and biomarker analysis for PK/PD assessment