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Predict in vivo activity from in vitro data

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The Foresight™ similarity analysis service allows you to compare your compound's assay results against the assay results of a large reference set of pharmacologically active compounds. The reference set includes marketed drugs, failed development candidates and reference compounds that have well-characterized activities and have been tested against a series of expert-selected hit and lead screening assays. This service is compound-centric and includes all data generated for your compound

Using the actual data derived from tests run on your compounds, we determine the five compounds in the reference set with the highest similarity score. The score is computed based on the mathematical correlation of assay test results of your compound to the reference set compound assay results, providing you with an insight into potential in vivo activity.

Advantages of a Foresight™ Profile:

  • Choose different mathematical models to test the fit between the test compound and reference set assay results
  • Determine potential adverse effects and identify possible new indications