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With more than 200 trials in the field of nutrition, Eurofins Optimed has extensive experience in a wide range of areas.

At Eurofins Optimed our aim is to fulfil your expectations by obtaining the evidence required to highlight the benefit of your products and their effects on health, respecting your timelines and adding value through our services.


From the definition of your project to its completion, Eurofins Optimed offers regulatory support for your Human Nutrition Studies.

In addition, Eurofins Optimed provides methodological support and advice to define your study, as well as expertise with specific populations and access to experts in related fields. Multicenter trials in Europe can also be managed.

An experienced multidisciplinary team (clinical, medical, biometry staff) will be in charge of your study and reachable at any time during your project.


Eurofins Optimed has a large recruitment database composed of healthy volunteers and special populations:

  • Specific criteria: age, sex, weight, smokers/non-smokers…
  • Post-menopausal women
  • Overweight people…

For specific studies (e.g. Clinical Nutrition) Eurofins Optimed has access to Patients (infants, metabolic syndromes, IBS subjects …) through a network of specialists.

Human Nutrition Studies

Whatever the product (diet, food, ingredients or supplements) or the type of study required, we can manage your human nutrition study.

Examples of expertise:
Bone & joint health, cardiovascular health, cognitive and mental functions, digestive health, energy & endurance, glycaemic response, immune health, prevention of disease, weight management…