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Supporting Services - Sample management

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Dedicated Sample Management

Each Eurofins Central Laboratory facility has a dedicated sample management department in place. Upon receipt of the samples that have been collected at the investigator sites, the completeness and identification of the samples and the accompanying request form are verified.

After unpacking the sample tubes, the accompanying documentation is checked and entered into the global LIMS. The request form information is entered into the LIMS by double data entry performed my two independent individuals. Following the double data entry procedure, the LIMS itself deploys routine consistency checks. The samples are then labeled with unique barcodes that are used to track the sample through the entire laboratory facility. Our laboratory instruments read the barcode and determine which tests need to be performed and in which order. This will allow the most optimal use of the sample provided to us. After analysis the instruments electronically transfer the test results to the LIMS.

Sample storage

Sample storage is available on site at 2-8°C (usually short term), -20°C and -80°C. Samples can be stored for any period defined and agreed upon within the protocol. Systems are in place for full track and trace of stored samples.

Access to our sample storage facility is restricted to authorized employees only. Eurofins Central Laboratory has a storage capacity of more than 1 billion samples in -20°C and about 1 million in -80°C. When more storage capacity is needed we extend our storage facilities to meet our customer needs.

As a default, samples will be stored for 6 months after analysis for retesting purposes. Samples for hematology testing will be stored for 1 week. Upon request of the customer and as a add-on service, samples can be stored for a longer period.

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