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Dedicated global single point of contact

At Eurofins Central Laboratory, each study is led by a single global lead project manager who will manage all internal and external communications, and has full access to all global data. The global lead project manager is responsible for the study at each stage of the project: from start-up, through maintenance, to the completion of the study.

Global study set-up

To streamline the study set-up process globally, a global set-up project manager is assigned to each study protocol as well. The global lead project manager and global set-up manager form the core of the Eurofins project team, which is completed by adding the data manager dedicated to the study as well as all applicable department heads.

The global project set-up team is devoted to implementing a streamlined and smooth study start up following global standard operating procedures. The team is a true global team, so no matter which country, continent or combination of countries is being used to recruit the patients, all study set-up is being coordinated in the same way by the same staff.

Strengths of region specific project management

Depending on the geographical reach of the study, local project managers will be assigned at the different Eurofins Central Laboratory locations. These local project managers focus on the particular laboratory facility, communicate with local CRAs and with the global lead project manager, as all local project managers report into the global lead project manager.

All project managers, global lead and local, act as a "spider in the web". They manage all Eurofins departments involved in the study protocol for instance data management, specimen kits production, laboratory and sample storage and function as the interface between the Sponsor and the Eurofins Central Laboratory operations.

Eurofins Medinet Data Portal (EMDP)

EMDP is a real-time global database system for central laboratory purposes. The system allows standardized global reporting of laboratory data to Sponsors and CROs, and management reports. The main purpose of EMDP is to provide 24 hours secured access to authorized data reports and clinical trial information. Different access levels are deployed to accomodate Sponsors, Monitors and Investigators. In addition to the Standardized Reporting Tool, several Management Reports and Query Tool Reports are available.

EMDP Global support

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The EMDP user manual is published on the EMDP system.

The EMDP Global Support Administrators can be contacted via

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