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Laboratory results reporting

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Laboratory results reporting

Laboratory results are reported on a daily basis by fax and 3-part NCR reports by mail. Based on the specifications of each Sponsor, investigator sites may be granted on-line access to their site specific laboratory results using the Eurofins Medinet Data portal (EMDP).


EMDP is a real-time global database system for central laboratory purposes. The system allows standardized global reporting of laboratory data to Sponsors and CROs, and management reports. The main purpose of EMDP is to provide 24 hours secured access to authorized data reports and clinical trial information. Different access levels are deployed to accomodate Sponsors, Monitors and Investigators. In addition to the Standardized Reporting Tool, several Management Reports and Query Tool Reports are available.

EMDP Global support

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The EMDP user manual is published on the EMDP system.

The EMDP Global Support Administrators can be contacted via