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Global data

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We put in every effort to secure the highest level of standardization by managing our central safety laboratory operations in the United States, Europe, Singapore and China in the most appropriate and efficient way. Our high level of standardization removes all hurdles associated with collecting and integrating laboratory data from multiple laboratories with low or no level of standardization, using different methodologies, reference ranges and or operating procedures.

Global LIMS

At Eurofins Central Laboratory, each study is set-up in the global Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) to enable fully automated analysis in the laboratory. One global LIMS allows global standardization, set-up and control. The set-up is based on the study specific laboratory protocol and defines the planned visits and tests, reporting parameters, results calculations and study-specific flags. QC-procedures, including peer review and dummy test runs, are applied. By deploying one global database, all data is available to each project manager at each Eurofins Central Laboratory location.

With all our central safety laboratory operations connected to this global LIMS we eliminate delays in data transfer and there is lesser need for data clean up. Upon Sponsors' request, customers have 24/7 access to the global results database using the web based and secured application Data Portal (EMDP).

Global results database

EMDP is a real-time global data management system for standardized global reporting of laboratory data to Sponsors and CROs, and management reports. Different access levels are deployed to accomodate Sponsors, Monitors and Investigators. In addition to the Standardized Reporting Tool, several Management Reports and Query Tool Reports are available.