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Proficiency testing

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At Eurofins Central Laboratory we put in every effort to secure the highest level of standardization by managing our central safety laboratory operations in the United States, Europe, Singapore, and China in the most appropriate and efficient way. Our high level of standardization removes all hurdles associated with collecting and integrating laboratory data from multiple laboratories with low or no level of standardization, using different methodologies, reference ranges and or operating procedures.

Utilization of global standard operating procedures, uniform instruments, reagents and analytical methods for safety testing enable the use of global reference ranges, resulting in global laboratory data that are truly combinable.

Eurofins Central Laboratory has a dedicated global standardization team installed responsible for executing internal and external proficiency programs including CAP, Randox and NGSP Level 1 testing programs. Between the Eurofins facilities the same lot number of quality control materials are used and QC results are monitored on a recurrent basis.