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Genomic Biomarker Services

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Genomic Biomarker Analysis Service

Our genomic biomarker analysis services are coordinated with our other biomarker platforms to give our clients a unique, cross-sectional view of their systems, enabling confident pipeline decisions. 

The Keys to Precision Medicine

Genomic and epigenomic biomarkers not only help identify which patients are more likely to benefit from therapies and/or experience side effects, but they also help elucidate drug mechanisms of action and causes of drug-induced toxicity. Genomic biomarkers, therefore, are central to translational research, drug discovery and personalized medicine. 

Advantages of our Genomic Biomarker Analysis Service

  • Cross-platform biomarker validation - DNA, RNA, protein, & cellular analysis

    • qPCR genotyping
    • qPCR expression
    • Pyrosequencing
    • Methylation analysis
  • Centralized sample analysis lab

  • One sample, many analyses 

  • Complete Solution for Any Biomarker Analysis

    • Consultation

    • Assay development

    • Sample analysis 

Genomic Biomarker Analysis Service Workflow

Sample Preparation

Sample Amplification


Data Report

  • Process cells, tissue or blood samples
  • Extract DNA /RNA
  • Qualify and quantify the sample
  • Perform PCR or RT-PCR to amplify the DNA or RNA
  • Expression profiling of mRNA or miRNA
  • Genotyping by pyrosequencing or qRT-PCR (Taqman®)
  • Methylation analysis by bisulfite pyrosequencing
  • Data formatted to specifications
  • Optional cross-validation (MSD, Luminex®, ELISA, flow cytometry or IHC platforms)