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Olivia Vetterlein has joined the company as a Scientific Director based at the company's Oxford facility.

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Oxford, UK - November 2018

Eurofins Bioanalytical Services, a leading provider of large molecule bioanalytical testing announced today that Olivia Vetterlein has joined the company as a Scientific Director based at the company's Oxford facility.

Olivia will serve as a scientific and technical advisor for clients and internal teams for development, validation, and application of assays to ensure compliance with scientific and technical goals and regulatory requirements. She will also lead client development programs with a focus on expanding the large molecule bioanalysis capabilities and customer base.

“Olivia’s extended experience in the bioanalytics field will be of great value to the Eurofins Pharma Bioanalytical Services team, as well as to our clients,” said Dr. Antonio Marques, Managing Director of EPBS UK. “Coming from a large pharma background, and used to managing programmes with multiple CROs, she not only brings a wide breadth of knowledge, but also a deep understanding of our clients’ needs and regulatory requirements. Her proven scientific leadership will significantly enhance our capabilities and ability to deliver”.

During Olivia’s scientific career she held positions of increasing responsibility within the biopharmaceutical industry. In her previous role at a large pharmaceutical organisation, she was an acknowledged expert in the development and validation of bioanalytical procedures for antibodies and novel antibody constructs. Using immunoassays on the ELISA and MSD platforms, Olivia has offered solutions to the challenges of bioanalysis throughout the product life cycle from pre-clinical to clinical studies providing pharmacokinetic, immunogenicity and biomarker data in compliance with regulatory expectations.

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