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EAS Group:
Committed to Growth

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Eurofins Scientific was
founded by Gilles Martin

Eurofins Scientific was founded by Gilles Martin in 1987 with 4 employees. Based in his hometown of Nantes, France, ES marketed a technology that helped ascertain the sugar content of wine.

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ADME Bioanalyses (FR)
Dr Specht Laboratories (DE)

Eurofins Scientific acquired ADME Bioanalyses (FR) and Dr Specht Laboratories (DE); two laboratories specialising in pesticide residue analysis in 2004.

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Agrisearch (UK)
GAB Biotechnology (DE)

Agrisearch (UK) and GAB Biotechnology (DE) follow soon after – two leading European CRO’s to the agrochemical industry. These acquisitions in 2006 provided 20 field locations in the EU and 1 location in the USA in 2006. Also, this is the year that Eurofins Agroscience Services was formally established.

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EAS Hungary

EAS Hungary was set up
in 2007 offering a full field
trials service covering all crops
and national locations.

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Research Options (US)
EAS Bulgaria

In 2008 EAS Group “go global”,
acquiring field CRO Research Options
(US) whilst expanding organically in
the EU with EAS Bulgaria.

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EAS Brazil
Access Research (US)
Grayson Research (US)
EAS Analytical Inc (US)

2009 is a busy year for growth seeing the acquisition of project
management companies Grayson Research (US) and Access Research (US).
At the same time, EAS Brazil and EAS Analytical Inc (US) are established.

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EAS Thailand
EAS Romania

2010 sees EAS Group branching
east into Asia with EAS Thailand
and further organic growth in Europe
with EAS Romania.

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EAS Sicily

EAS Group branches into extreme
southern Europe with EAS Sicily in 2011.

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Eurofins Regulatory AG (CH)
EAS Austria
EAS Denmark
EAS Ireland

In 2012, Eurofins Regulatory AG (CH) is established, bringing regulatory affairs in house. EAS Austria, EAS Denmark and EAS Ireland are added to the European locations, bringing field stations to 40 in total.

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Agrisearch (AUS)

MITOX is acquired in 2013 bringing extensive experience and
knowledge in both Taxonomy and Environmental toxicology.

Agrisearch (AUS/NZ) is acquired in Asia-Pacific making
EAS Group in Asia-Pacificmaking EAS Group the largest
managed in-house CRO to the agchem industry.

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India & China

2014 sees more expansion globally into
China and India as EAS Group continues to
deliver on its goal of providing the most
thorough and complete service for the
agrochemical manufacturer.

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De Bredelaar (NL)
Trialcamp (ES)
Phyliae (FR)

Market leading CRO’s De Bredelaar (NL),
Trialcamp (ES), and Phyliae (FR) are acquired
in 2015 making it EAS Group’s most prolific
year for growth through acquisition.

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SCEC pty (AUS)
EAS Philipines

SCEC pty (AUS) specialising in the
development of veterinary medicine and
animal welfare is acquired in 2016 along
with NDSM Ltd (UK), a specialist field
CRO providing demonstration trials.
In conjunction, EAS Group establishes
a presence in the Philippines.

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EAG Laboratories (USA)

Selcia (UK)

Advinus (India)

JACC (Japan)

EAS Malaysia

EAS Argentina

EAS Chile

2017 was our biggest year yet for organic growth and
acquisition seeing the addition of complimentary laboratories
in the UK, USA and Asia, plus, significant new field
capability in South America and South East Asia.

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EAS Morocco

EAS France

EAS Spain

Agrartest (Germany)

The acquisition of Agrartest GmbH, along with a dedicated variety testing facility opened in France sees 2018 as pivotal in our services to the seed breeding industry. The acquisition also means we now have unmatched coverage for field trials in Germany. Further, we set up a new Regulatory unit in Spain; EAS Regulatory Spain SL.

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