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Environmental Science Services

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"We are experts in providing product development consulting and technical support to the environmental science services sector"

Our technical activities involve conducting laboratory and field studies to determine the safety and efficacy of new compounds and formulations used in the urban environment against domestic, public health and animal health pests.

Our credentials

  • Standard protocols for all types of studies
  • Field notebooks and SOP's facilitate a consistent approach to managing external programs
  • In-house quality assurance group performs all aspects of GLP training and audits
  • Highly trained field investigators with broad experience and expertise
  • In house field and laboratory studies conducted against a wide range of public health pests

Our capabilities

We have access to a broad sample of pest species for efficacy studies and/or formulation screening.

A full description of our services is available in our Environmental Science Services PDF

For further details, please contact our speciality products expert, Jing Zhai