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Endocrine Disruptor Services

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"Helping you fulfil the requirements of the EDSP Tier 1 Screening Order (EPA) and anticipated EU needs for pesticides"


Following the EPA announcement regarding the official initiation of Tier 1 testing for the first group of 67 pesticide compounds, Eurofins can partner with you to help fulfil the necessary data submission requirements.

The effects of certain compounds which inhibit the actions of naturally occurring hormones have become a central point of focus for the scientific community and an area of concern for the wider public. These compounds, 'Endocrine Disruptors' and the study of their effects have become an EPA priority.

Globally, endocrine disruptors are an area of concern being tackled by authorities all over the world - discussions are taking place to establish the policies that will regulate the future of ED testing.

In response to this Eurofins Agroscience Services has prioritised Endocrine Disruptor Screening and has partnered with PSL in the US and BSL Bioservice (Partner lab) in the EU. Together, we can offer the full battery of Tier 1 assays as described by the EPA.

We can offer the full Tier 1 battery of services

Eurofins is also poised to support Tier 2 testing to confirm and characterize the endocrine effects.  In the first instance, please email Lou Williams with your enquiries.