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Call of Interest

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Icaridin, ADBAC/BKC and DDAC

ECHA’s BPC (biocidal product committee) adopted positive opinions for the following active substances in December 2018:

  • Icaridin (PT 19)
  • ADBAC/BKC (PTs 3 and 4)
  • DDAC (PTs 3 and 4)

Do you have products containing these active substances? If so, you’ll need to start preparing your product authorisation dossiers as soon as possible to achieve the anticipated submission deadline of Dec 2020. 

Eurofins Regulatory AG is currently looking to support companies to prepare either biocidal product and/or biocidal product family dossiers for these substances.

We have a highly experienced and dedicated team of regulatory biocide experts, each with over 13 years of experience of biocidal registrations, offering the complete range of regulatory services for the biocide industry. In this time our team have successfully obtained numerous product authorisations for individual biocidal products and product families.

We can provide support on all aspects of the product authorisation process, including:

  • Data gap analyses to identify which, if any, tests or studies are required;
  • Identification of Substances of Concern (SoCs);
  • Preliminary risk assessments (PRAs);
  • Environmental and Human Health Risk Assessments, including FOCUS Pearl modelling;
  • Preparation and submission of dossiers;
  • Post submission support;
  •  Consortium/project management

In addition Eurofins is also able to offer testing via our extensive network of laboratories, allowing effective co-ordination of the registration project through a single service provider.

Should a suitable amount of interest arise from a number of companies with similar products, Eurofins will seek to share the cost of the dossier(s) by means of consortium formation. This will be particularly beneficial to SME’s, as both the financial and administrative burden can be significantly reduced, even when only a small number of companies are involved.

Interested in working with Eurofins? Please contact Owen Pryce