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Expert posters and presentations at SETAC 2019

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This year, at SETAC Europe 2019 in Helsinki, Finland, experts from EAS Group's Environmental Testing team will present a number of posters and presentations.  Please see below a list of content and contacts...

Session Chair

Session title: Latest developments and future needs for higher-tier studies, risk assessment and risk management in the regulation of biocides, pesticides and pharmaceuticals.

Session chairs: Jaana Laitinen, Ricardo Carapeto García, Silvio Knaebe (EAS), and Robin Sur

Accepted Abstracts - Posters and Presentations

Name Author Details
"Viability and reliability of assessing reproductive traits of non-crop species for risk assessment under greenhouse conditions."

Andreas Duffner, Carmen Gimeno & Thomas Moser. (presentation)

Tuesday 28th May, 8:50am, Session Room 206
"Development of a Test Method for Herbivorous Lepidopteran Larvae." Padilla Suárez E., C. Brühl, C. Berg, C. Walter & T. Moser. (presentation) Tuesday 28th May, 14:15am, Session Room 102
"A comparison between vegetative and reproductive endpoints for two non-target plant studies with non-crop species in greenhouse and field." Andreas Duffner, Dominik Ripperger, Pierre Mack & Silvio Knaebe. (poster) Tuesday 28th May, 8:30am, Exhibition Hall

"Macrophyte Toxicity Testing: Influence of Growth Form on Sensitivity." 

Emmanuel Wiredu, Hardy Pfanz, Guido Gonsior & Valentin Mingo. (poster) Tuesday 28th May, 8:30am, Exhibition Hall
"Challenges of Testing Chemical Mixtures in Aquatic Toxicology Studies." Hank Krueger, John Green & Alan Olmsted. (poster) Monday 27th May, 8:30am, Exhibition Hall
"Bee colony assessments with the Liebefeld method: How do individual beekeepers influence results and are photo assessments a possibility to reduce variability?" Holger Bargen, Aline Fauser, Heike Gätschenberger, Gundula Gonsior, & Silvio Knäbe. (poster) Tuesday 28th May, 8:30am, Exhibition Hall
"A semi-field bio-assay to evaluate effect decline of chlorpyrifos using honeybees exposed to aged residues on different flowering crops." Josep Roig & Frank Bakker. (poster) Tuesday 28th May, 8:30am, Exhibition Hall
"From population level effects to community functioning: a network approach." Melanie Hagen-Kissling & Frank Bakker. (poster) Monday 27th May, 8:30am, Exhibition Hall
"Suitability of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii and Chlorella vulgaris as test organism in a growth inhibition test according to OECD 201." Patrick Obert-Rauser, L. Weisser & L. Schmid. (poster) Thursday 30th May, 8:30am, Exhibition Hall
"Pollinator monitoring for evaluation of potential exposure and assessment of effects." Olaf Klein, Julian Fricke & Silvio Knäbe. (poster) Tuesday 28th May, 8:30am, Exhibition Hall
"Plant protection products, endocrine disruptors and amphibians – where to start?" Viktoria Schiller, Valentin Mingo, Jonas Baumann, Julian Fricke, Bronislawa Szczesniak & Marco Candolfi. (poster) Wednesday 29th May, 8:30am, Exhibition Hall
"Aporrectodea caliginosa: A long-term laboratory study with different field soils." Eva Wagenhoff, O. Klein, T. Vollmer, M. Weidenauer & T. Moser. (poster) Wednesday 29th May, 8:30am, Exhibition Hall

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