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Biological Assessment

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Biological evaluation is a crucial process in the discovery, development and registration of all crop protection and specialty products

Efficacy studies for registration (GEP) and demonstration are conducted globally by dedicated staff that can provide data on representative climates in various regions and in a range of cropping systems.

Starting with initial screening, range finding and minimum effective dose right through to full efficacy and selectivity programs and taking into consideration the impact of plant products on processing, non-target organisms, adjacent / succeeding crops and resistance risk; the body of data generated is immense.

Eurofins Agroscience Services can provide a full range of growth chamber, glasshouse and field studies for biological evaluation as well as ongoing support for trial programs, evaluating data and producing the dossiers required for registration. This process, from R&D right through to submission can be managed on your behalf by one of our efficacy project managers.

In addition to this, the expert team in charge of biological evaluation (Regulatory Efficacy Team) can support you in your registration process.

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