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In our industry, Taxonomy can be defined as the field of science that encompasses the description, identification, nomenclature, and classification of organisms


Our taxonomy experts are housed within the ecotox field groups at Eurofins Agroscience Services EcoChem GmbH in Niefern-Oeschelbronn (Southern Germany) and at Eurofins MITAX B.V. Services in Amsterdam (NL)

For Eurofins MITAX, the identification of terrestrial arthropods is their core business. MITAX performs these services under GLP:

  • Perform quantitative analyses of bulk samples
  • Provide identification certificates, ecological information on species and prepare reference collections

Our staff are an established team of expert taxonomists. In addition to the general knowledge of all arthropod groups commonly encountered, they each have their own specialisms. Moreover, their knowledge is not only restricted to taxonomy but also covers abroad range of general biology and ecology.

We are proud to say that our taxonomists are highly qualified and internationally acknowledged specialists

Summary of services


Identity verification

  • Many companies and research institutes initiate or maintain cultures of arthropods they use for their tests and experiments
  • We will verify the identity of these species and provide you with an appropriate certificate

Starting cultures

  • When starting cultures, we can verify the species identity and assist in collecting strains from the field or setting up the culture

Field Samples

Pre-sorting of larger samples to determine the desired level of identification is followed by the assessment of abundance and diversity for specific taxa. Data are summarized in any desired format and can be supplemented with additional data (e.g., biology and ecology), fact sheets and reference collections

Our services can be employed for example in relation to:

  • Shorter or longer term field trials to establish, for example, the effects of pesticides on both target and non-target organisms;
  • Faunistic studies to establish species composition of a site (e.g., for Environmental Impact Assessments or the equivalent)
  • Monitoring of species composition on sites (to be) subjected to changes in the environment
  • Fully equipped taxonomic laboratory (to GLP) with all the necessary equipment for processing samples, identifying and counting specimens and storing reference material
  • In house library plus access to one of the world's largest entomological libraries, that of the Netherlands Entomological Society
  • We can offer courses of taxonomic training for employees
  • These courses can range from so-called crash courses to extensive training courses dealing with a particular subject over a longer period

The expert team at Niefern-Oeschelbronn specialises in earthworm and terrestrial arthropod (Collembola, soil mites: e.g. Oribatida, Gamasina) taxonomy. Thus, specimens collected during ecotoxicological earthworm, soil microarthropod and NTA-field studies from countries across Europe can be determined in-house and during on-going studies, providing valuable live feedback to clients.

Taxonomy joined

For more information, please contact Dr. Frank Bakker (Eurofins Mitax) and Dr. Silvio Knaebe (Taxonomy Expert Team Niefern).