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GM Traits Services

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"Helping you fulfill your regional biotechnology testing needs with optimal agronomic and lab services while exceeding local regulatory requirements"


Eurofins Agroscience Services is bringing together the knowledge and experience of individuals in its laboratories and global field organization to provide seed trait and crop agronomic assessment resources covering a broad geographic area.

This allows the seed trait industry to focus their resources internally towards their high value, innovative research. Having already conducted numerous types of trait and agronomic trial work in the EU, the US and Brazil, we understand the challenges in conducting research on regulated seed traits and the influence our work has on our customer's freedom to operate. We also understand the need for good science under GLP and non-GLP study requirements.

Our focus is on delivering quality samples, data, and reporting to both research and production customers while maintaining compliance with local government and individual company requirements. Internal packaging/shipping training and standards along with timely communication with receiving labs ensure consistent shipping results of your valuable samples.

Our capabilities

We have experienced personnel that are prepared to conduct a variety of field and lab studies:

  • Composition / Expression / Agronomic Studies
  • Grain/Plant material production for seed production & feeding study
  • Non-Target Organism
  • Rotational Studies
  • GLP Residues in Crops with Regulated Traits
  • Biological Evaluation of Trait Expression (Field, Caged/Contained, Field-Lab Bioassay)
  • Trait Expression Quality Control Trial Sites and Sampling Support
  • Expression Test under Drought Stress / Multiple Irrigation Regimes
  • GLP Compliant Field Organizations
  • GLP Laboratory Expression Analysis

Laboratory Expertise

Working with our Eurofins partner laboratories allows Eurofins Agroscience Services to confidently offer the most comprehensive and advanced GM traits services:

  • Eurofins GeneScan; Offer the most advanced analytical tools for the detection of biotech crops
  • Eurofins STA; Services that cover the entire life cycle from genetics to seed and plant

Be assured that you are working with the best partners in the industry.

If you need any further information on EAS Group's biotechnology services, please do not hesitate to contact us at Eurofins Agroscience Services