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GLP Residue Studies

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Conducting regulatory crop residue studies for local, international and global submissions

We offer crop residue trials in both the greenhouse and field, with all trials undertaken by our own experienced staff throughout the EU, E-EU, North America and LATAM. National projects are usually managed locally by each team with international multi-site studies being managed by a dedicated centralized Study/Project Management team.

All field stations are GLP compliant and are audited by the relevant national authorities. Application techniques are designed to reflect GAP (Good Agricultural Practice) in the corresponding country.

This evaluation of experimental, developmental and registered products is conducted in accordance with EPA, EU, South/Central America and Asian requirements.

We have regular scheduled freezer shipments directly from the field stations to one of our analytical laboratories or facility of your choice. The subsequent analytical support is provided by our experienced residue analysts, and where required processing experts, using the latest technologies. Our laboratories meet the increasing analytical demands posed by new actives, as well as for re-registration / new formulation of established products.

Globally, Eurofins Agroscience Services can offer residue studies on virtually any crop matrix in most regions, including import tolerance studies on a Global basis - In summary, we offer the following to GLP:

  • 14C plant/soil Metabolism
  • Crop Rotation
  • Dislodgeable Foliar Residue
  • Drift/Volatility
  • Drip / Drench Irrigation Residue Studies
  • Field and Glasshouse Trials
  • Import tolerance / MRL studies
  • Local QA
  • 14C Lysimeter (Via Partner Co.)
  • Multi-site Studies
  • Post Harvest Soil & Water / Quality Studies
  • Processing Studies
  • Residue (MOR/Decline)
  • Residue Decline
  • Residue Sample Preparation/Harmonization to be shipped to any labs globally
  • Risk Assessment
  • Rotational Crop and Post -Harvest Trials
  • Seed Dressing & Drilling
  • Soil dissipation / leaching / accumulation
  • Worker Exposure & Re-entry

If you have any queries, please contact Dave Clark for more information.