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Aquatic Ecotoxicology Laboratory

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The toxic effects of plant protection products and chemicals on aquatic organisms are examined in carefully controlled studies in compliance with the recent EC directive and OECD guidelines.

Laboratory studies are conducted with algae, Daphnia, and fish, sediment dwelling organisms, on higher aquatic plants, and on microcosm systems.  All studies are accompanied by dose verification and stability tests.






The tests are performed according to EC method C.3/OECD 201 - Progress in growth (number of cells, growth rate, yield and biomass) are the observation parameters.


  • Acute toxicity test
  • Reproduction test


  • Acute toxicity test
  • Prolonged toxicity test
  • Early life stage toxicity test

Sediment dwelling organisms

  • Acute toxicity test
  • Chronic toxicity test

Plants; Recovery from effect

Microcosm; Recovery from effect

For more information on our aquatic ecotoxicology laboratory studies, please download the following PDF's: