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Spring news update

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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Trending topic - Biopesticides: EAS Group

Biopesticides, including product categories such as microbes, biochemicals, plant growth regulators, insect growth regulators, beneficial's, essential oils, and pheromones, are growing in importance year on year with the market estimated to reach the $3.7 billion mark by 2017. As the pesticide industry is responding to this growing demand by bringing new biopesticide products to the market, Eurofins Agroscience Services is ready to help - Our in house expertise in biopesticide product development and registration is designed to support you at all stages of your program.

See our item in the latest Agrow 622: Biopesticide edition on p. 17!

EAS Group can advise and support biopesticide development, offering the trials and analytical services needed for registration of your product, including laboratory and greenhouse efficacy screening for early stage herbicide, insecticide, fungicide, bactericide, nematicide and algicide product candidates, regulatory efficacy studies for local, international and global submissions, regulatory GLP ecotoxicology studies (beneficial insects, birds, fish, Daphnia, etc.), regulatory product chemistry studies (five batch, storage stability, etc.)

For further information, please contact Marja Koivunen  (USA) or Dario Rinaldi (RoW)

Expert Webinar on Bee Health: EAS Global

Upcoming Webinar; Designing Studies to Assess the Effects of Pesticides on Honey Bees

EAS Group's Jessica Lawrence (Research Scientist - Entomologist, EAS Inc)  is presenting a webinar on May 8, 2013, 12:00PM EMT in conjunction with AGRO Division and ABC Labs.  Honey Bee colonies have been under pressure in recent years and the role of pesticides in this has come under close scrutiny - honey bee studies are being conducted to address this issue.

The webinar will discuss how such studies are custom designed to fit both the EPA regulation requirements, and general beekeeping practices. Studies are normally conducted under GLP but occasionally also include preliminary pilot studies to design the final study for EPA submission. This presentation will cover many of the designing aspects of studies.   Click here to register!

For further information, or any questions you might have, please contact Jessica Lawrence

New and improved lab facility: EAS France

The facility at Vergeze has doubled its size with more than 100 staff based in an office of approx. 3000 square meters. This investment project, started in 2012, has already seen the company benefit in a number of ways:

  • Allowed the merger of Nimes and Montpellier Institut Pasteur de Lille's (environment company bought in 2011) facilities beginning of April 2013, welcoming 40 new staff
  • Facilitated the integration of all the support function and management teams (France based) into custom made offices

Further, the investment will enable EAS Group to:

  • To modernize the preparation and mixing zone with two state of the art freezing chambers for agro and pharma activities, that will be ready end of May
  • To offer some new services, with 500 sqm lab space not yet allocated - we'll keep you updated!

If you'd like more information, please contact Laurent Migeon

GEP Accreditation renewal: EAS France

We are pleased to announce that EAS Group successfully renewed its GEP agreement to conduct field efficacy and selectivity studies in France.  For information on this, or details on our services and locations in France, please contact Christophe Narboux

Professional appointment: EAS France

Christophe Narboux, Head of Sales (EAS France), has been appointed as member of the board of the French Association for Plant Protection (AFPP). Also a member of the French CEB, he actively participates in the writing of new methods for the plant protection products experimentation.

To contact Christophe, please email him at Christophe Narboux

Expert Groups: EAS Group

To take full advantage of Group knowledge and expertise, expert groups have been set up to offer support and technical advice to all field staff, sales and study management.  The aim is to improve the quality and consistency of our trials within the disciplines of herbicides, fungicides and insecticides, ultimately passing on the benefit to our clients.

The groups will work closely with Country Managers and the Quality Training Coordinators (QTC) to ensure suitable advice, guidance and training is given as required to staff.  Each group has many years' experience in the relevant disciplines, with the members selected from across Europe. For more information, please contact Owen Scrimshaw

Facility update: EAS Austria

With the company HQ located in Graz, and a field station located in Gleisdorf (15 km away) in the heart of the Maize growing area, the newly formed EAS Austria GmbH are pleased to announce that they have been granted their local GEP certificate.  The field station is about 50km away from the Hungarian Border which allows trials to be conducted in one country for two EPPO zones (Maritime and South east).  The region boasts a huge variety of crops, in particular; cereals, maize, OSR, pumpkins (oil), soy beans, top fruit, grapes, vegetables, hops, potatoes and sugar beet.

Austrian locations

To discuss the Austrian portfolio further, please contact Nikolaus Mohrenschildt

Potato Blight Event: EAS Germany

Following the continued success of the annual potato blight demonstration site in the UK we are pleased to announce that this year, Eurofins Agroscience Services GmbH is offering a potato blight trial location in Northern Germany, near Stade.  The site will be irrigated and inoculated with Phytophthora infestans to ensure uniform disease development and will be used for both R&D and demonstration trials.

If you would like to discuss this further, please contact Joerg Euler

Biological Assessment Dossier Services: EAS Group

With more than 20 years' extensive experience of preparing Biological Assessment Dossiers, and dedicated teams in France, Germany, the UK and local contacts with National Regulatory Authorities throughout EU, EAS Group can provide design and advice on trials programs and studies to address Annex III, Section 7 Efficacy requirements to support applications for EU Zonal Authorisations.  The full service includes:

  • Completeness checks and review reports on existing  Annex III, Section 7 Efficacy data packages
  • Preparation of applications for National Experimental Trials Permits (ADE/AEA)
  • Preparation of Biological Assessment Dossiers plus Section 7, Part B draft Registration Reports to support Annex III submissions and Efficacy overviews for Annex I submissions
  • Attendance of pre-submission meeting with Regulatory Authorities and submission of Dossiers on behalf of Clients

For further information, please contact Adrian Cheshire