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Our Mediterranean Services

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

EAS offers a large range of services in the Mediterranean zone, with technical expertise and dedicated people focused on quality and client satisfaction.  With multiple locations across Spain, Portugal, France, Italy and Morocco, full coverage of the Mediterranean basin is offered. 

Our portfolio of services:

  • Efficacy / GEP 
    • Screening/ Registration/ Demo trials, including post harvest & nematode trials
    • Field Greenhouse trials & Growth chambers
  • Dedicated Pan-Mediterranean study management with expertise in southern crops & pests
  • Safety / GLP
    • Ecotox/ Efate/ Residue/ OPEX studies 
    • Field & lab services, including food processing and soil & crop sample analyses
  • Local regulatory offices in Mediterranean zone connected to national authorities

We can also offer an integrated service for your biological portfolio, bringing together our experience in regulatory, field and laboratory teams - for more information please visit our Bio Focus page.

For more information on our services please contact Emilie Guillard