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New Senior Regulatory Expert announced by Eurofins Agroscience Services

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Monday, September 2, 2019

New Senior Regulatory Expert announced by Eurofins Agroscience Services

Eurofins Agroscience Services (EAS), the leading global service provider for agrochemical testing, is pleased to announce that Dr. Birgit Zillgens has joined the group as Senior Regulatory Expert for Environmental Fate and Modelling, effective September 2019.

A highly academic professional, Birgit has a Diploma in Agricultural Sciences and Environmental Protection and also a PhD in Agricultural Sciences.

Prior to joining EAS Group, Birgit worked for one of the Top 3 agchem manufacturers, GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam, and Justus Liebig Universität Giessen.

During a long career in the industry, Birgit has provided guidance to global registration teams during the development phase of active substances to understand the environmental impact and challenges to soil, ground and surface waters; and to develop strategies to find safe uses with regards to environmental protection. Birgit has also developed a vegetated filter strip model to simulate water retention, sedimentation and nutrient retention in vegetated filter strips to improve the knowledge of a proper filter strip design (vegetation and size) with this development she received a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD to do research in the USA for one year.

During her time in the industry, Birgit was a member of the IVA group and participated in several IVA and ECPA sub-working groups. She chaired the IVA runoff working group on the development of Koc dependent sorption for the German Exposit tool and was a member of the IVA ECPA plant uptake group and timewise chair of the group which are currently developing an OECD plant uptake test guideline.

This appointment demonstrates EAS Group’s commitment to strengthening expertise in the Eurofins Agroscience Regulatory Group. The addition of a highly knowledgeable Regulatory Environmental Fate and Modelling expert brings added value to clients via proposal and implementation of sound regulatory strategies in the very challenging area of environmental safety.

For further information, contact:

Dr. Vincent Dreze; Managing Director, Eurofins Agroscience Regulatory