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Looking forward to the honeybee brood studies in 2013

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Monday, February 25, 2013

2012 was a very successful year for honeybee brood studies

Termination rate of honey bee brood was below 40% in all control groups. It was the second year of assessing the brood success based on High Dynamic Range (HDR) photographs taken under extreme soft light conditions created by a sophisticated light setup designed by Eurofins.

For the first time our new HiveAnalyzer Software was used to assess the brood development based on the photographs.

Our programmer did a great job - the software allows the registration of the single cells of the brood combs.  This guarantees that exactly the same cells from one assessment day to the next throughout the entire period of the trial are compared.

Classification of cell content was done manually by an expert using the program, but, this job was completed very quickly because of the simple and clear design of front-end programs. Also documentation of the results pleased our QA: Location of the single cells, as well as content of the single cells, in a highly magnified excerpt of the photograph and its classification by the expert are part of the printouts forming our raw data.

Regarding our photographs we believe that we found the perfect format after tweaking the system at the beginning of last year's season...

Currently, the engine of the HiveAnalyzer program doing automatic recognition of the cell content of each selected brood cell is undergoing continuous improvement.  The program creates lists with photographs of cells of each classification group which will be checked manually by our expert.  At the moment some of the classifications by the program have to be corrected - but we are confident that for the brood studies in 2013, our expert will have an easy job checking the lists and printing the raw data with only minor corrections of classification by the program.

Thus, technique, bees and staff are prepared for a successful season 2013!

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