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Launch of EAS Future program

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Friday, January 25, 2019

We are pleased to announce that our first Future Program was launched in October 2018 as a foundation for the EAS talent management and people development activities being implemented within the Group. In EAS, we are committed to the development of our strong existing talent pool to nurture the next generation of leaders and role models to both take us forward and support our succession planning.

Over the past 18 months, the EAS Senior Management Team has worked in close partnership with Loughborough University School of Business and Economics in the UK in the design and content of the program, purposely tailored around EAS’s business requirements. In planning the program, we sought to establish an integrated, structured and consistent development program with delegates representing a diverse range of both businesses and occupations within the group.

The Future Program consists of an intensive residential course held in two parts each of a week’s duration. Participants will gain a solid grounding in leadership, development and business skills that they will then directly implement in their workplace in support of their line managers and their Business Units.

The first Future Program was held at Loughborough University in October 2018 and formerly opened by our CEO, Klaus Kuegler with other members of our Senior Management Team attending during the course of the programme. Fourteen participants from our Field, Ecotox, Chemistry and Regulatory Clusters attended and will return for the second week being held in February 2019.

During week one of the course, delegates were allocated to one of three project groups, each containing diverse members from various EAS Business Units. Senior Management had previously identified and selected three strategically important projects that complement or enhance EAS existing capabilities. The project teams will work collectively to research and develop proposals for presentation to the Senior Management Team on the final day of the second residential week in February.

Each delegate will be allocated a mentor, typically a business unit manager outside of the delegate’s normal area of expertise. The mentors will support and challenge the delegates through sharing their experiences and knowledge to enable the delegates to progress and implement their learning goals from the course.

Photo: Future Program Participants, University of Loughborough School of Business & Economics, October 2018

Here is what some of the participants have to say following the first week’s program:

“It was great to meet a lot of colleagues from all different locations and groups within EAS, who I normally wouldn’t get the chance to meet. It was interesting to see how they view things differently, like eSM, and have perspectives on our processes and activities. We learned a lot, which I’m sure will be really useful for all of us in keeping EAS a leading CRO in the future. Those who attend in the future have a lot to look forward to!”

“It was an outstanding possibility meeting colleagues from different clusters, countries and even continents. We were working together in small groups on topics from self-awareness, resilience management, team building and finance. After 5 days of intensive training there were a lot of new approaches / views that can be transferred into my everyday work. This program is a good starting point.”

This Program is an amazing opportunity to meet people from other clusters, departments, countries and to share our experiences, issues, success or cultures to improve our management. The University of Loughborough is also a nice place with very good trainers helping us to have the keys to better manage our teams.”

“The Future Program covered many interesting topics in terms of personal development. It is also focused on how to keep or build good relations and “team spirit” within the team, which is very important. It was intensive and challenging week but it definitely brings some new knowledge of benefit which can be used or adapted locally.”

The Future Program will continue to be run annually and Business Unit Managers will be asked to nominate their high potentials to attend the next program in October 2019. If you would like more information on our Future Program, please contact Liz King, HR Director.