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Honey Bee Residue study; SANTE/11956/2016 (rev. 9).

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Friday, May 31, 2019

In April, our team of ecotoxicologists conducted a syrup feeding residue study according to the new guideline SANTE / 11956 / 2016 (rev. 9).

The study design was in accordance with Appendix III of the guideline.

The principle of the study was to provide sugar solution to honey bees with the aim that bees will consume, process and store the sugar solution in cells on combs as “artificial honey”. The study can be used, for instance, with herbicides that have an influence on the inflorescence.

Image 1. Frame with freshly stored syrup

Image 2. Sample before analysis with standard for calibration

Image 3. Impression of honey samples


The results show that bees will successfully produce honey if fed with 50% sugar syrup in a tunnel without any mellifluous crop. Pollen is added so bees produce larvae and store food. The design is described in detail in the appendix of the guidance document.  We fed a 50% sugar solution with added 5% blue food dye to find out the transfer factor. 








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