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Global Analytical Capability

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

At EAS Group our global analytical capability is diverse, offering a broad spectrum of analytical services needed for the registration of agrochemicals and biocides.

With several laboratories located across the globe, our team provides a complete service for the analysis of agrochemicals in crops, processed fractions, soil, water, air, animal tissues and body fluids using state of the art instrumentation.

This year, we have seen slots filled more quickly than usual, we are advising clients to book their programs in advance to avoid disappointment.  Whilst we always do our best to ensure a sucessful outcome, EAS Group cannot guarantee a slot for projects with a short timeframe.

All of the labs work together to provide every service that you need, and, where services aren't offered as part of the Agroscience Group, we look to other Eurofins laboratories to complete the offering.  Please visit our website to view our facilities.

You can view our portfolio online at Analytical Chemistry - our main facilities are based at:

  • Derbyshire, UK
  • Vergeze, France
  • Niefern Öschelbronn, Germany
  • Hamburg, Germany
  • Sydney, Australia
  • Hamilton, NZ
  • New Jersey, USA

For more information, please contact Lou Williams