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February Newsflash 2011

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

GOLD (Global On-line Data) announcement

On 1st March 2011 we will be officially launching the EAS GOLD system (Global On-Line Data) to our clients. This will provide a huge benefit to clients who will be given access to a file share area – this will allow regular checks on study progress. Our clients will also be notified when updated files are available.

Positive feedback has been received so far from clients who are pleased for a number of reasons; mainly that data will be available on-line in a file share area, and that they will always be notified when new data is available.

Over the next few weeks clients will be issued with secure links to access their file share area. This will allow access to data for both current studies and new studies beginning in Spring. A formal announcement will be issued on 1st March 2011.

For more information on this, please contact Sarah Wood

Fresno/Sanger offices consolidation; EAS, Inc., CA

The EAS, Inc. office in Fresno, CA has now merged with the EAS, Inc. Sanger Research Station, CA, combining all disciplines into one central location.

We are excited to offer Efficacy, Residue, Biotech, Field Dissipation and many other types of studies at the 20 acre facility. Additional nearby locations add different soil types and trial separation for special needs or multiple trials. This, combined with our satellite station in San Luis Obispo on California’s Central Coast, allows us to offer an extended growing season and additional pest pressures for many crops.

For further information, please contact Brian Lange

Review of ASEAN GLP Focus Meeting; EAS Ltd, Thailand

Following an update in the December E-news, we are pleased to report that the technical workshop that took place at the Shangri-la Hotel in Chiang Mia was a success. The event included both a classroom style session and a field demonstration of supervised residue field trials at the Royal Agricultural Station in Pangda.

Lynne Spencer (EAS Ltd) gave a presentation on setting up GLP trials and the resources required, and also a talk on important considerations when managing residue studies. Jon Hunt (EAS Ltd) gave a field demonstration which included trial site identification, plot preparation, and how to carry out an application and sampling in the field.

For further information on the event, please contact Jon Hunt

2011 Annual Potato Blight Event; EAS Ltd, Wilson, UK

The annual potato blight demonstration site open day will be hosted again this year by EAS Ltd in August. In 2010, seven companies demonstrated a total of 18 trials on the day. If you are interested in being involved with trials for this site, then please contact Owen Scrimshaw as soon as possible as trial slots are limited and are filling up quickly.

Last year, in Europe, over 60 potato blight and early blight trials were conducted, with 46 late blight trials conducted in the UK at 4 sites.

“GLP and the Honey Bee,” EAS, Inc., NC

This July, Jessica Lawrence, an EAS, Inc. entomologist based out of Cedar Grove Research Facility, Mebane, NC, will be a speaker at the Eastern Apicultural Society event. She will be presenting “GLP and the Honey Bee” and will cover the processes used in honey bee research.

For further information, please contact Jessica Lawrence