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Exposure Risk Assessment Webinar!

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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Webinar Overview


The use of pesticides has become an essential part of crop production, with intensive agricultural systems to feed an ever increasing world population. The registration processes for pesticides vary across the world, but require an evaluation of the risk to humans and the environment, with operators assumed to be following the label instructions and GAP (good agricultural practice). The risk to humans requires an assessment of the exposure during use for the operator, but also following use by workers entering treated areas or handling treated produce. The risk to bystanders and residents, who are not involved with the use of pesticides also needs to be assessed.

Field studies can be done using operators and workers as volunteers carrying out their normal work practices involving pesticides to measure the deposition of pesticide residues on dosimeters or their clothing and skin together with the concentration in the air which they may breathe.

Data for dermal and inhalation exposure to pesticides from field studies can be used to support the approval of a product for use in a particular crop or crop type by demonstrating that the human exposure is within what is considered safe limits, i.e. below the AOEL (acceptable operator exposure level).

Studies needs to be designed to include realistic use scenarios based on the intended use of the product, which may include a range of crops across several countries.

Speaker Profile: RICHARD  GLASS

Following 23 years working at the Food and Environment Research Agency as a Principal Scientist, Richard joined Eurofins in 2014 to take the global lead in Exposure Assessment advising clients on a range of issues such as exposure methodology, study design, protective measures and working practices. His recent work included a wide range of R&D projects involving pesticide usage at an individual operator level and the development of cumulative and aggregate exposure modelling.

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Date:  March 23, 2016
Time:  2:00 PM GMT

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