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Expansion in LATAM as EAS opens new facility in Chile

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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

On August 2nd, EAS LATAM opened a new field base in the O’Higgins region of Chile (centre-south), further expanding capabilities in South America.

Headed up by Jose Luis Miano - the team of expert agronomy staff can offer efficacy trials throughout Chile as well as residue, soil dissipation and Ecotox field trials. Until the appropriate local certification is in place, GLP trials will be performed under the umbrella of the Brazilian or German GLP certificate as multi-site projects.

Jose Luis studied at Universidad Nacional de Cuyo, graduating as an Agronomic Engineer.  He spent many years with INTA (National Research Institution) working on efficacy and residue studies before moving to AgroHuarpes as MD, conducting field trials in Argentina, Spain, Chile, Brazil, Mexico and France.

He is now MD of EAS in Chile where the new facility is located in a prime position to offer trials on the region’s most significant agricultural crops, a few include:            

  • Table & wine grapes
  • Fruits (avocado, cherry, nuts, blueberries etc)
  • Vegetables
  • Cereals           

The address for the new site is:

Jose Luis Miano
Eurofins Agroscience Services Chile S.A.
Machalí, Rancagua,
O’Higgins region

Please contact Jose Luis via email with any questions.