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Evaluate your biological product under controlled conditions

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Thursday, September 27, 2018

When planning field efficacy trials, you probably ask yourself a number of questions, things like: Which product rate should I apply? Will it work better in humid or dry conditions? How long will the microbial survive?

EAS Group can conduct preliminary screening tests in controlled conditions in order to check your hypotheses and design the best field protocol for your product.  This is meant to save you some time, money and anticipate even the toughest of regulators’ requirements.

Our team of highly qualified experts conduct in vitro and in planta tests on arable, vegetable, perennial and ornamental crops in our growth rooms and chambers and in our greenhouses with climate control.

Visual assessment, leaf & soil analysis, detection and quantification of target molecules - we use the best technology to highlight your biological product efficacy.

Choose to work with our BioFocus experts, contact Emilie Guillard for more information