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Eurofins Agroscience EcoChem GmbH starts lab expansion

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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Eurofins Agroscience Services is delighted to announce expansion plans for the lab facility at Niefern-Öschelbronn.

Situated adjacent to existing laboratories; the home for analytical and environmental sciences, the new building will enhance the ongoing expansion of EAS Group's service offering in the areas of ecotoxicology, e-fate and metabolism, product chemistry and residue analysis.

The new facility, which is scheduled to open in the summer of 2016, will provide more than 3.000m2 in additional laboratory and office space allowing the workforce to grow to over 300 employees.

"The lab expansion is a tangible commitment towards our ongoing goal of meeting clients' needs" Klaus Kügler, Head of Eurofins Agroscience Services said. "It will provide us with the opportunity to fulfil future demands in a timely and efficient manner."

Niefern Expansion

"We will continue to develop our Niefern site as an analytical and ecotoxicology powerhouse."

In case of additional questions please don't hesitate to contact Martin Feyerabend (Head of Chemistry) or Marco Candolfi (Head of Ecotoxicology